After Three Decades, Guns N’ Roses Play “Shadow of Your Love” For The First Time

Rockin’ It Like Nobody’s Business

Guns ‘n Roses is a gift that keeps on giving. Gone were the days when all we heard about them was how Axl Rose booted a fan out of the concert venue or any of the bandmates getting involved in fist fights. Nowadays, it’s nothing but them and their music. And we are not complaining.

On Wednesday, June 6, GnR performed a track they haven’t played in over 30 years. The audience in Odenske, Denmark must’ve been delightfully surprised because we’d be too! “Shadow of your Love” will be the lead single for the band’s “Appetite for Destruction: Locked N’ Loaded” boxed set which will come out on June 29.

“We’re gonna try something…ok? If it doesn’t work, just look at it like it was a bad dream; it never happened, it’s not important.” – Axl Rose prior to the performance

Of course everyone loved the roaring, raucous version. And we’re hoping it will become a staple in their repertoire.