Album Review: 3 Songs That Represent ‘Miracle Mirror’ By Golden Earring

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A revolution was in the wind when the Golden Earrings delivered their third album in 1967; psychedelia was tidying the U.K. and Europe, and the release of Sgt. Pepper had established the bar in terms of composition and arranging methods.

More late sixties pop directed numbers with only the rare sign of prog leanings. Comparable to the Byrds.

Crystal Heaven

It would, of course, is a joke to recognize this album as innovative for rock music. However, you should weigh the continental-European music scene in those old days to certify that this Dutch group was fairly promising, especially with the track Crystal Heaven.


Mr. Fortune’s Wife

Some songs do reveal some impressive edges like this track ”Mr. Fortune’s Wife.’ Presumably one of the most enjoyable tunes out of this lP.


Born A Second Time

This record is more complex, better composed than their initial two. Some delicate fluting in this track ”Born A Second Time” could practically sound prog.