Album Review: 3 Songs That Represent ‘The Long Run’ By Eagles

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This album is the sixth and last studio album by the Californian band before their separation in 1980. It is one of the most successful albums of the seventies, entering the top 20 of the best sellers.

In the album you can already see the problems that would lead to the dissolution of the group, as bassist Randy Meisner had left the band a few years before, being replaced by Timothy B. Schmit.

This great album, very interesting for being the last of one of the most emblematic bands of the seventies and for its great sound and quality, is made up of ten songs; Among which stand out “I Can’t Tell You Why”, “In the City”, and “Heartache Tonight,” but all of the songs are very good and essential.

I Can’t Tell You Why

“I Can’t Tell You Why” is a great song, soft and melancholic, sung by bassist Timothy T. Schmit, in which you can see, condensed, the spirit of the music of the seventies. Don Felder’s guitar solo (also vocalist and organist) is meticulous and professionally measured, without great displays of virtuosity, which would not look good in a song like this.


In the City

“In the City” is another great song, which follows in the vein of the first track, but perhaps with a somewhat harsher sound than “The Long Run”. The chorus of this song is one of the catchiest of the entire album and features the voice of fellow guitarist and keyboardist Joe Walsh.


Heartache Tonight

“Heartache Tonight” is the sixth song and is one of the closest to classic rock and roll. This song is one of the purest-sounding ones on the entire album. In this song, the marked forcefulness of the bass and Walsh’s solo stand out, reminiscent of the solos of the 50s and 60s.