Album Review: “Aftermath” by The Rolling Stones

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In 1966, The Rolling Stones released their fourth studio album, Aftermath. With Aftermath, the band found themselves on the verge with their signature rock n’ roll sound that they would carry with them for years into the future.

Aftermath was the album that painted the Rolling Stones into the history of rock. This was their meanest and endearing approach in the scene where they began to move away from the British invasion movement and kicked it off with what would become a killer rock album blistering with blues-rock songs. 

The Rolling Stones came to their own when they created this album and became true to themselves and the first album that featured all original Jagger/ Richard compositions. Aftermath is one of the Stones’ vital turning points. 

Warning though, as much as how we love the album you might find it offensive. Even though this is one of the best albums that we’ve ever heard, it deserves to be given the maximum rating because it is very ambiguous and in some ways even vile album; in terms of its lyrical contents. 

Some of them are saturated with excessive sexuality such as Goin ‘Home, which depicts sexist things. Nevertheless, one must be aware of who and when these lyrics were written, for The Rolling Stones and the 1960s, such things are very common and this is part of the culture and influenced its development, but one should not take this as usual in modern times.

Overall though, musically speaking, the album is perfectly balanced and adventurous musical experimentation combined with blues-rock.

Listen to the full album below: