Album Review: American Beauty By The Grateful Dead

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If You’re Not A Fan Of Dead, This Might Surprise You Of How Much You’ll Enjoy This Album

American Beauty is a must-have LP even if you’re not a deadhead. This was one of the best work of Grateful Dead, and their most definite greatest studio achievement – with 10 concise, country-rooted gems.

The album was indeed a big change for the band as they have been a jam-oriented group from their previous albums – American Beauty showcased their songwriting skills and the way they used their vocal harmonies and melodies making all the tracks sound gorgeous. Garcia-Hunter songwriting collaboration hit it with this album and made their career strong for decades performing all over the world. This album is the best out of all they have released like it was recorded yesterday.

An album that will tickle your brain and give you goosebumps – it’s a bizarre album that you can add in your collections.