Album Review: Aoxomoxoa By The Grateful Dead

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Great At Writing Short Folk Psychedelic

The Grateful Dead are surely known as nearly synonymous with psychedelic music, and they managed to reach this feat with their third album, the 1969 Aoxomoxoa. They successfully created a masterpiece when they used a new technology for recording 8 tracks.

The band was fueled by acid which led them to keep pace with the fast-changing culture of hippies during the late ’60s. Robert Hunter, a great lyricist, joined the band, and this was his first input, and penned most of the great lyrics from this record.

And even if they managed to release it on 1969, the band themselves had doubts, in return, they re-released it in 1971 to remix the album in full which added clarity to its form. The songs from this album would remain as one of the most adventurous, confusing, and over-the-top productions that the band ever produced.

Aoxomoxoa is a great example of the Grateful Dead true experience.