Album Review: Book Of Dreams by Steve Miller Band

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A Dream Come True!

The tenth studio album that was destined to be their finest work, and even if it was their first or second or third – it’s still destined to become a hit. The two LPs, “The Joker” (1973) and ‘Fly Like An Eagle’ (1976) were their most mainstream hit, but “Book Of Dreams,” however, was their most important album.

With “Book of Dreams,” The Steve Miller Band finally found their sound that they were looking for, they showcased the true magic of blues music — and by the time it was released, the first side of the album can be heard almost every day on any classic rock station anywhere even to this day.

Although the songs from the first side were more pop-sounding and less experimental – it starts off with a trippy track called “Threshold,” a synth-driven track full of trippy effects, and it’s a mind-blowing one.

The second side was the most experimental take on the album – they crafted the songs cleverly from genre to genre though a little more inconsistent. But, it consists of fun-filled songs such as “Jungle Love” and blues-driven “The Stake.” There’s also the downside because it includes filler tracks that follow nothing from the other tracks which make no sense at all. The second side is somewhat hard to follow because of its inconsistency, but still a worthy listen, especially if you’re a fan of electric blues.

Overall, the album ranges from trippy prog-rock sounds to their roots Irish sounding instrumentals and dirty-down blues.

Listen to the full album below: