Album Review: “Electric Ladyland” by Jimi Hendrix

via @babacaloko666 | Youtube

Electric Ladyland is basically a more bluesy rock in the same vein as his other albums (not too surprising considering most of his studio output came out at practically the same time), but somehow this is a much more enjoyable experience. There are some pretty cool bits that actually do “rock” pretty well (“Crosstown Traffic”, “All Along the Watchtower”) that are enjoyable, and the tired old blues sound we’ve heard way too often and totally sickening of is usually fused with a nice prog-rock sound that works pretty well. The guitar has a nice crunchy sound that is a lot better than his other stuff we’ve heard too.

Very well produced by Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Kramer, “Electric Ladyland counts with several studio tracks who help to give a more intense, psychedelic and mystical atmosphere for the album, with usages of reverberated echos, multitrack flanger and chorus effect in the instruments to improve their intensity. result: the most intense, heavy and Psychedelic Experience. A REAL JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE!

The greatest testament to Hedrix’s legacy as the greatest guitarist of all time. Overall, this album is more about the aesthetic it creates for its listeners rather than the strength of its individual tracks, an admirable feature carried over from Axis.