Album Review: “Electric Warrior” by T-Rex

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The album that started the glam rock craze in the U.K. during its release — it “Electric Warrior” completed the evolution of the band T-Rex from hippie folk-rockers into becoming a manifestation of trashy rock & roll. 

The album provided the most swinging, hip-shaking tracks led by Marc Bolan’s warm electric guitar. It brought back the simplicity of early rock & roll, but in the sexiest way as Bolan — he gleefully brought it out, singing it out loud and it’s the only way he can communicate by giving as this awesome album. 

With the album, the band showcased pseudo-psychedelic hippie poetry, making them look like obsessed with the E.T. as he does with sex. Bolan sings about spiritual mysticism, and flying saucers to take him away. But despite all the craziness (in a good way), they’ve done it in excitingly with a theatrical flair. 

“We went to a place in Wales, a country house, and we just started talking,” Finn told Rolling Stone shortly before his death. “I was into be-bop and all the early stuff of Wilbur Harrison, and it turned out that he was too. We had so much in common, but neither of us mentioned it, because we both thought it would go against the grain.”

“Electric Warrior” still stands to test the time as Bolan’s pursued whatever he could think off, played with words, cosmic fantasies, and weird imagery. Technically, Bolan’s did ingenious things for the album that influenced everything from hard rock to punk to new wave. 

It’s their fifth album released in September 1971. Every fan of 70s’ rock should include this beast in their collection T-Rex and Bolan did quite an entertaining rock album!