Album Review: “Hours” by David Bowie

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David Bowie was known for casting off new images and making it a pop culture trend as it comes and goes. David Bowie was all about his music and his image and at the same time, he reinvents himself as he reinvents his music. 

Hours takes Bowie’s into a more acoustic approach — providing a mellow singer/songwriter outputs backed with synthetic orchestration and the lushing acoustic guitars and a refreshingly listening experience.

The album is a much more consistent rather than the one who came before it (Earthling), but not as good though — though some of the songs attempt to make you think that it is a masterpiece — but of course, there’s also that we are still stuck in the Ziggy Stardust or at most in the Berlin trilogy but with jobs. 

Bowie though is a genius and made everyone forget that he was the most avant-garde artist with this album. This is definitely one of his best albums. It is balanced, mature in a good way, with powerful material and great melodies. Bowie, as it were, finally quit flirting with the fashionable sound of the nineties (which in general was also good) and finally “pulled himself together.”

Bowie’s album of the 20th century is a guilty pleasure as he was trying to re-do Hunky Dory with that album cover. After the riotous and slightly inappropriate punk Bowie of the 1990s, a thoughtful, introspective and calm album is what we need. 

In general – a very pleasant album, which is nice to listen to alone. So keep going below and listen to the album: