Album Review: Magical Mystery Tour By The Beatles

via @The Beatles | Youtube

The Beatle’s album that became part of their canon that wasn’t supposed to be, but it had combinations of EP and awesome singles!

When Brian Epstein, their manager passed away, their career took some hard and poor turns, the first one to be was their not-most-brilliant Magical Mystery Tour film. It was so low beyond what we would expect out from the Fab Four. 

Epstein, without him to guide them, they had trouble with things like budgeting and time management, and this film became so excruciating as well. 

But if we talked about it musically, then it’s a different story. 

Here’s why:

The EP was an overwhelming success. The EP led them to experiment a little, without having them to fill it with some less enjoyable tracks. However, these tracks were only written to introduce the very concept of the film, but if you love the Beatles, musically speaking, then you can just ignore the film and go straight on the album and have a full blast. 

The album was a step forward to directing themselves in the creation of The White Album, they learned how to conceptualize, craft, innovate, and of course, experiment. Making the Magical Mystery Tour into an album that is indeed an unforgettable one. 

As a whole, Magical Mystery Tour was their reward for themselves after their tremendous hard work and non-stop touring, though the album was so experimental that it didn’t represent any ideology or any statement of whatever occurring issues during those times.