Album Review: “Modern Times” By Jefferson Starship

via @Bee-Sides Radio | Youtube

Jefferson Starship hit their peak big time with a pair of masterpieces back to back from the late 70s’ to early 80’s’, “Modern Times” and it’s predecessor, “Freedom at Point Zero.”

With this album, the group aimed for arena rock, they played for Foreigner instead of Fleetwood Mac. It is the highest point of the band, with Grace Slick on vocals was at her peak as a singer the moment this record was released in many ways — and it undoubtedly defines the Jefferson Starship sound. Mickey Thomas helping Grace led the band to have a male and female lead vocalists – it’s a rarity at its finest. Grace Slick and Mickey Thomas were a good combo especially on the song “Stranger” and “Save Your Love” shows promise that they were good together. But “Find Your Way Back” would merit them a spot on Journey’s Greatest Hits, and that would be their most highlight on this album. Of course, there are some decent tracks from this album – but nothing came closer to the opening track “Find Your Way Back,” one of the band’s strongest moments.

Overall, you can take this album as it is while listening with your ears and heart — you’ll definitely find a masterpiece of a new era. I have to say it, it’s Jefferson Starship’s best album — there’s no filler here — and “Find Your Way Back” and “Stranger” are classic tunes. A couple of songs you might want to listen to, “Mary” and “Save Your Love” stand out as well.

Listen to the full album below: