Album Review: “Rebel Yell” By Billy Idol

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Rebel Yell is the second studio album released by Billy Idol in late 1983. He had four tracks that hit the chart from this album, reaching #6 on the U.S. Billboard album charts, and certified as two-time platinum. 

Billy Idol got his biggest success with this album and reached great popularity outside the United States such as his native Britain, and other countries like Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and New Zealand. The evolution of punk rock of the seventies started with Billy Idol after releasing this album – which then helped define the sound of the next generation. 

Rebel Yell is considered a rock album heavily influenced by the new wave which was a trend at the time. When Idol was recording this album, he was struggling with the label on creative control. The struggle went band and led him to steal the master tapes from the studio and in the end, and in the end, he wins and given control of the album. 

Billy Idol went full crazy just to produce such an incredible album — it may have been the drugs, booze, and his near-death experience to push himself to the limits. Rebel Yell came with the help of Steve Stevens’ guitars, and of course his experience in creating music. Producer Keith Forsey did a big part in the production making Billy prominent on MTV. 

Billy Idol and Rebel Yell stand to the test of time, with this album, he provided as some of the strong and classic music, and incredible achievement after he came to the US embarking a solo career in the early 80s.

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