Album Review: “Sweet Baby James” by James Taylor

via @James Taylor | Youtube

“Sweet Baby James” James Taylor’s debut album – it’s simple, beautiful, and graceful in every way. The tenderness that the album gives can be found in James’ vocals combined with gentle guitar playing.

The entire album has a folksy atmosphere, and James Taylor showcased his songwriting and each track sounds rooted from his personal experience. “Sweet Baby James” is somber, and the opening track derived from his farm life, and “Lo and Behold” speaks about religious satire. Both songs went well due to the nice delivery of James producing easy and simple singing and acoustic musicianship. Some fillers are Sunny Skies” and “Country Road,” which, of course, are both great.

The very best track from the album, however, is the “Fire and Rain” — a supposed eulogy from a friend who passed away, and James surely mourned his death by expressing it with this song. Every vocalization he did on each track is simply poignant and beautiful — though the story he provides with his songs are either tragic or heartbreaking but are more than enough of providing hope for every listener. The follow-up song called the “Blossom” is an interesting track and is indeed one of the happiest songs from the album — but follows the saddest one. If anything, James may have been reminding us that each happiness may follow tragedy – the circle of life.

And that’s the very meaning of the album – it does exactly what it provides — giving deep emotional messages, and effectively. James Taylor was surely a poet, and he proved it with this album by simplicity and at the same time, entertaining and involving.