Album Review: “The Beach Boys Today” By The Beach Boys

via @Beach Boys | YouTube

Back three years of surfing singles, The Beach Boys, pull out a much more compact album than they did. Continue including fully recognizable themes from your sell as ” Do you wanna dance? ” Or ” Help me, Rhonda ”, for instrumental display (even with some guitar solo) and uncontrollable female hysteria, but also all the machinery on the march on a second face of the marvelous record, full of pop melodies and brilliant vocal effects, showing the beginning of Brian Wilson’s compositional maturity. Both worlds combine perfectly in their first really interesting disc from beginning to end.

On the contrary, even though evolution is good, 90% of the lyrics of the album deal with women, loves and dislikes, and the teenage past. Besides, in a personal and subjective way, with small scrutiny, we can check how each song of the disc is a small misogynistic apology.

In any case, what truly supports this work, is the production. Too many songs that end up with the typical gradual blackout of the time, a lot of volume in some songs, others with very unusual changes in rhythm (Help me, Rhonda for example) and about the final cut of the ” Bull session ” that paints absolutely nothing.

You can listen to the full album below: