Album Review: ‘Tres Hombres’ by ZZ Top

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ZZ Top’s Finest!

Tres Hombres was release in 1973 and has been a fan favorite ZZ Top album of all-time. There were many releases and more successful albums than Tres Hombres from ZZ Top’s catalog, but hands down, Tres Hombres was the best, rawest, and would-be their trademark.

Songs like ‘Waitin’ For The Bus, Jesus Just Left Chicago, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, Master of Sparks, Hot, Blue & Righteous,’ and mind you, that’s just the first side or half of the album, you still got ‘Move Me On Down The Line, Precious & Grace, La Grange, Sheik, and Have You Heard? — wasn’t it a masterpiece?!

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Tres Hombres surely embodies ZZ Top’s classic sound, and if we’re going to rate it — the album would definitely get 5 out 5 stars, and that just our humble opinion.

If you’ve been a ZZ Top fan for a long time, you know what we’re talking about. This is definitely one of our favorite albums from one of our favorite bands.

Tres Hombres doesn’t have any clunkers on it!