Alice Cooper’s Shares The Most Wholesome Content On His Official TikTok Account

via @hey.alicecooper | Instagram

Alice Cooper, dressed in leather and wielding a whip, has become quite the villain character over the years.

Dubbed as the “Captain Hook” and rock and roll villain of the music industry with his horror-themed theatrical elements during live shows – it surely make sense to be terrified by him.

However, if we take a look at his TikTok account, it seems that Cooper wants us all to know that he is actually a normal guy who loves his wife and a good player of golf.

Now sober for 35 years, there is a video highlighting the rock and roll villain looking into the distance, with the caption “me thinking about how far I’ve come and how happy I am living a sober lifestyle” while Abba’s1981 Slipping Through My Fingers plays in the background. In another clip, Abba’s Dancing Queen plays with a compilation of awesome images of Alice clearly living his happily with his wife, holding a puppy, and in another photo, grabbing a golf club. The caption of the video says “I’m a wholesome rockstar.”

When he’s not trying to convince viewers of his kind nature, Alice uses TikTok to parody moments from his career. There’s also a clip in which the the rockstar gives viewers romantic advice, drawn from what looks like an old interview. Explain:  “I tell a lot of guys, you know, what you do is you get used to your wife and you don’t treat her like your girlfriend. I said, how about treating your wife, before you get married, how? you treated her. You dated her, you chase her. And that is important.

Between the wholesome clips and the nostalgic comments, we have Alice (or his team, who knows if he’s really creating the content) to be applauded for their dedication to staying in touch with the latest TikTok trends.

Watch the clips below:

@alicecooperofficialThe truth may surprise you… #plottwist #trending #AliceCooper #withatwist #rocknroll #watchtilltheend #musicindustry♬ What falling in love sounds like with a twist – The Piano Guy

@alicecooperofficialI promise I’m Mr. Nice Guy in real life. #crowdcheers #trending #AliceCooper #plottwist #crowdgoeswild #niceguy♬ Crowd Cheers – Johnny Buchanan

@alicecooperofficialHappy Anniversary to us! #relationshipgoals #AliceCooper #butwhenhelovesme #marriedlife #anniversary #relationshipstorytime #marriagechallenge♬ Cloud 9 – Beach Bunny

@alicecooperofficialThank you for 100K minions here on TikTok! #staysafe #thankyoutiktok #concerts #AliceCooper #imeighteen

♬ I’m Eighteen – Alice Cooper