All The First Things The Beatles Did

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The Influence That The Beatles Gave On Society

The fact that they were a musical band who broke up almost five decades ago, they still managed to give influence not only to music but on the society itself. They were the first band to almost “DO IT ALL FIRST.”

They changed the way music was played. They changed the way people dressed. They changed the way people thought. Managed to open up doors for musicians and artists and writers alike. The culture of music changed so much — they were one of the first who ignited singer-songwriters to perform, play guitars, write, — and no one knew those time that they were the ones who paved the way for GENRES THAT DID NOT EXIST BEFORE TO BE CREATED.

Those were not the only “FIRST” they ever did, the Beatles also created stadium concerts and were the only group who have brought the world closer together. They were the first one who created a concept album in which became a “New Way” on how to make music. They were adored all over the planet and they will remain so for generations to come.

The Beatles were also credited with being the first to do many things such as printing lyrics on a pop album, creating music videos and holding a stadium concert, but most bizarre is their role in the “devil horns” hand gesture taking off. John Lennon’s cartoon figure on the “Yellow Submarine” cover is apparently the first time the symbol was on the cover of an album and is one of the earliest instances associated with a rock band ever.

The Beatles surely were not doing what they were doing those times just for themselves, — they changed the world in many ways, especially music.

All of these things changed immediately — and these changes became permanent and led to the many advancements of the society.

Imagine yourself being 17 years old in 1963 when Beatlemania started — and without a doubt, you were one of those fans who want to acquire musical skills because of the Beatles.