An Entire Mall Is Surprised By ‘We Will Rock You’ Mashup Flashmob

via @Flash Mob Geek | YouTube

Surely you have “sang”, even once in your life, that unmistakable melody where you hit your thighs, or the floor (or the desk, table, desk, whatever you have at hand) three times, then clap your hands, and so on; be it in competitions, in elementary dances, at parties, and so on, We Will Rock You has always been there.

We Will Rock You is the opening song for the 1977 album, News of the World, which includes We Are the Champions, Sheer Heart Attack, It’s Late, and Who Needs You. And it has been used multiple times for sports jousting.

This song became the intro of every Queen concert, and to date, part of the soundtrack of the film that tells the story of singer Freddie Mercury.

We Will Rock You is one of the songs most covered by artists of various genres, from Five, My Chemical Romance, Warrant, Robbie Williams, David Garret, to Ricky Martin in the company of Yuri, Laura Pausini and… Julión Álvarez, to mention a few.

In 2013, at Europa Passage, Hamburg, Germany – inside a mall, people were surprised by the amazing flash mob performance of We Will Rock You – with a twist.

Keep going for the video below, it’s worth it!