Angus Young Duck Walk Guitar Solo At Grammys- Right In Front Of World’s Biggest Pop Stars

Rock Legends Put Modern Pop Stars To Shame

Remember this? AC/DC performed for the FIRST time at the 2015 Grammys. What took so long? Who knows. However, they melted the entirety of the stadium’s face off.

You got Blake Shelton clapping and smiling, Katy Perry wearing the horns, Pharrell bobbing his head because he’s happy, and Lady Gaga doing God knows what, but looks amazing doing it. This is all while Angus Young shreds it up and reminds people how playing a real instrument looks and sounds like.

Make sure you turn up the volume here as these rock legends present “Rock Or Bust” to an audience that didn’t know what hit them. You know what? They probably still don’t know what hit them. This was actually the opening song and they really did bring it here. Best performance of the night. No doubt.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget, the second song here is “Highway to Hell” in which the whole place sings along. Press play and thank you very much. Come again.