Artist Use Artificial Intelligence To Imagine Dead Musicians If They’re Still Alive Today

via Hidreley Diao / Instagram

If you’ve ever wondered what dead musicians looked like today if they were alive, you’re not alone. An artist answered this question with a series of portraits generated by artificial intelligence (AI). He uses photos and illustrations as the basis for AI technology to create realistic images of musicians who lived before the technological age.

Since the AI ​​creates these portraits using certain parameters, models, and data sets, the results can vary with just a few tweaks to variables. The challenge of finding the perfect fit is part of the fun.

Do you know the artist Hidreley? This active Instagram user uses artificial intelligence to imagine what THESE MUSICIANS would look like if they hadn’t died.

To carry out his work, the artist has combined Photoshop with three mobile applications, Face Application (face editor), Gradient (application to know which star you look like), and Remini (used to improve the definition of photos).

Keep going for the list below:

Sid Vicious (64 Years Old In 2021)

Hidreley Diao


Janis Joplin (78 Years Old In 2021)

Hidreley Diao


Karen Carpenter (71 Years Old In 2021)

Hidreley Diao


Marvin Gaye (82 Years Old In 2021)

Hidreley Diao


Jimi Hendrix (79 Years Old In 2021)

Hidreley Diao