Asthma And His Father’s Death Are The Reason For Don McLean’s Success

via homelessbrother / Youtube

As NME claims, Don McLean has stated that had he not had asthma as a child, he would have “drunk to death” by now.

In a new interview, the author of “American Pie”, who turns 50, has spoken about the subject of 1971 and about his past, stating that, if he did not have asthma as a child, which kept him from going to school Now he would be a very different person if he were even alive.

“Children are all naturally creative – until school knocks it out of them,” he shared The i. “They sing, they paint, they invent stuff.

“One of the advantages of having asthma is that it kept me out of school for long periods for many years. I was able to develop another Don McLean that wasn’t programmed by the school system.”

He continued: “If I’d been perfectly healthy and a good student or athlete, I’d probably be dead now because I would have been a really boring person at a bank somewhere who drank himself to death.”

McLean has also explained that he could only start his musical career after the death of his father, who passed away when the artist was only 15 years old.

“For some reason my father was adamantly opposed to show business. He thought that was for some sort of lesser man,” he explained. “I was very sad when my father passed away, but I also realised I could do anything I wanted without worrying about my father turning against me, which he certainly would have done.”

Now, Don McLean is preparing a world tour to celebrate 50 years of the publication of his big hit, “American Pie.” And it is that 2022 will mark the 50 years since the song reached the top of the sales charts in the United States along with its self-titled album.

This tou will make stops in North America, the United Kingdom, and Europe. “After spending the past 18 months at home, I am thrilled to be getting back on the road with my band,” McLean said in a statement.