Australian Guitarist Arrested For Rocking Out In His Driveway

vua Sublet Hammer / Facebook

An Australian guitarist by the name of Savas Caruso was restrained in his driveway few weeks ago over a noise complaint. Caruso was half-naked when the arrest took place.

Via Guitar World, Caruso — who’s also recognized as Subblet Hammer — often performs his guitar in his driveway, located in the Salisbury Downs suburb of Salisbury, Adelaide.

The South Australia Police had issued an habitat security order the day ere his arrest, which required him not to play his instrument for three days.

Moreover, declared that a breach of the mandate would be an unlawful offense.

A video was recorded of Caruso playing in his driveway half-naked when the cops unplugged his amp and grabbed him.

Witnesses can be heard commenting in the background, describing the act “criminal.”

Caruso was detained for three days following. Later, a petition was formed on describing the incident and “seeking justice,” asserting that it was “unlawful” and that and that “unnecessary physical force” was used when he was arrested.

“They treated him like a dangerous criminal. All this for a non-indictable offense; a mere noise complaint,” the petition states. “The police have no grounds on which to enforce this order therefore had no authority to come onto the man’s property while playing his music and disconnect the power followed by the shocking, physical bombardment they call an arrest, of the innocent musician practicing his art.”

The Magistrate allegedly tossed the case, declaring that Caruso didn’t perform a crime and that the arrest was, certainly, forceful.

Keep going for the video below: