Axl Rose: Good or bad? We Have Proof

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We’re Not Perfect Human Beings

Most of us know him as a douche, — but is he really? There are a lot of things we never knew about this guy. Things that are unexpected; he’s extremely shy, timid, and polite, (at least backstage). He kind of has childlike mannerisms (this we know). Well, at least we can assume this is how he normally acts around people he doesn’t really know.

Some fans had the pleasure of meeting him and can attest that Axl Rose is really a nice guy. Every time we hear news about him, we would always expect him to be brash –a typical cocky rock star. But you’ll be shocked how lovely he is as an individual being.

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The man is a nice person deep down. He always stood up for his band member, EQUALLY. The only problem he had is his “Anger” issues. You can’t blame the man he had a tough life before. Most of the time his angry reaction is for dickheads (the last thing we want is for dickheads to ruin our day), these dickheads threw objects at him, — remember the time when some douchebag threw a bottle and stuff and hit Duff? So every anger issue he had, is simply human nature and normal. We all have one.

Axl Rose is extremely sensitive and a childlike individual. But he can always respond very well to scenarios where he is treated well and with respect.

While being famous is a different story, it’s pretty normal to have high self-esteem, and sometimes ego, whether you’re a well-known personality or just a normal individual. Axl Rose worked his ass off to achieve what he has, and those hard works had paid off. He dealt with it how we could possibly. He led a more difficult life, especially during his childhood, he never escaped drugs, because he has to deal with it, and dealt with to the end.

Is he really a nice guy? Well, if you only take him at his words and all that past publicity and shits, you can say that he is the “KING OF DOUCHEBAGS.” But if a person would only dig more into his life, you would definitely say he is. He is kind to his fans, and has every right, of course. He was always provoked because of his past moments of anger and aggressive acts. Generally, these are just one of the things he had to deal when gaining a massive amount of attention and hit him like a disaster, and he may not have dealt with it properly at those times.

Long story short, Axl Rose is a wonderful enigma, he is a good person, with an incredible amount of talent.