“Back In Black” Like You’ve Never Heard Before By These Japanese Ladies – Damn They Know What They’re Doing

via NHK Blends YouTube

Talk About Different!

So you’ve probably watched and heard several cover versions of AC/DC’s timeless classic “Back in Black” but we’re pretty sure there’s nothing quite like what you’re about to see. It’s interesting to say the least because instead of the usual drums and electric guitars, these ladies are playing with a bamboo flute, nijugogen-koto and the taiko drum.

It’s different and refreshing. It’s neither heavy nor hard rock. On the contrary, the sounds are mild, relaxing and just pleasant.

“We meant it. It’s real. It’s coming from within and was made from what we’d all gone through. That emotion on that record… that will be around forever.” – Malcolm Young on “Back in Black”

You may or may not like this but fact is, it’s a wonderful spin on one of AC/DC’s most loved tracks. We hope someone shows this to Brian Johnson or Angus Young – who knows, they might love it!