Billy Idol Performs ‘Dancing With Myself’ With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots

via @The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon | Youtube

Tonight Show’s host Jimmy Fallon along with his house band, The Roots recently experimented with “at-home remixes” during quarantine, using house items to perform iconic pop songs.

In the previous month, the Tonight Show gang teamed up with Sting for a remote performance of “Don’t Stand So Close to Me,” and now they’re back with more performances on the show such as “Dancing With Myself,” featuring the one and only Billy Idol.

The show’s eight members of the Roots with Billy Idol, and host, Jimmy Fallon performs the song, and the clip shows cuts of Tonight Show fans dancing while quarantined in their respective homes, submitted last week to the show. 

Idol is scheduled to play at Asbury Park, New Jersey’s “2020 Sea.Hear.Now Festival” on September 19th and 20th, and will be joined by other artists as well, such as Pearl Jam, Patti Smith, the Beach Boys, the Avett Brothers, Cage the Elephant, Phoebe Bridgers, Ani DiFranco and more. However, the festival may be postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic, but as for now, tickets are still available to purchase.

Keep going for the video below: