Black Sabbath Release 70’s Single Set

Black Sabbath has a special gift to the fans: a box-set collection of ten vinyl singles from the early 70s and they are calling it The Supersonic Years: The Seventies Singles. 

The seven-inch vinyl box set is  a new limited edition that feaeture the vinyl records in ten “unique colour picture sleeves” which are rare or exclusive to the box set only. The audio for each record is remastered by Andy Pearce and the box itself is designed as a companion to the Ten Year War set. The Super Sonic Years also includes a booklet with new sleeve notes.

Despite the group’s self-imposed ‘ban’ on releasing singles in the early 1970s (it only lasted a couple of years) what we have here are ten vinyl singles from that era, including five rare single edits: Iron ManSabbath Bloody SabbathAm I Going Insane (Radio)Hard Road and Symptom Of The Universe.

The records document the band’s run of hit singles and feature lots more unique content including five rare single edits: “Iron Man” / “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” / “Am I Going Insane (Radio)” / “Hard Road” / “Symptom Of The Universe.”

See the mind-blowing track list below:
  • Disc 1 (1970)
    • “Evil Woman (Don’t Play Your Games With Me)”
    • “Wicked World”
  • Disc 2 (1970)
    • “Paranoid”
    • “The Wizard”
  • Disc 3 (1970)
    • “Iron Man” (Single Edit)
    • “Electric Funeral”
  • Disc 4 (1972)
    • “Tomorrow’s Dream”
    • “Laguna Sunrise”
  • Disc 5 (1973)
    • “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” (Edited Version)
    • “Changes”
  • Disc 6 (1975)
    • “Am I Going Insane (Radio)” (Single Edit)
    • “Hole In The Sky”
  • Disc 7 (1976)
    • “Gypsy”
    • “She’s Gone”
  • Disc 8 (1976)
    • “It’s Alright”
    • “Rock ‘N’ Roll Doctor”
  • Disc 9 (1978)
    • “Never Say Die”
    • “She’s Gone”
  • Disc 10 (1978)
    • “Hard Rock” (Single Edit)
    • “Symptom Of The Universe” (German Single Edit)