Blur Bassist Slams Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones For Being Too Old

He also says classic rock band reunions are “grotesque”

Alex James the bassist for the ‘90s Britpop band Blur, hits hard on classic rock legends Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones for their age, saying that these guys are still trying to be like teenagers.

Aside from being a bassist, James is also a newspaper columnist and … cheesemaker. He said to The Mirror in an inteview,

“There are rumours of Led Zeppelin getting back together, and nobody really wants to hear their f**king new record, do they?They want to listen to Stairway to Heaven. How old were they when they did Stairway to Heaven? Like, 20 or something? And how old are they now? They are f**king 70!”

He’s pretty outspoken about his opinions on the veteran rockstars, adding that he’d “…rather be on a cheese counter than pretending to be a teenager,”

He adds,  “At least people want to come in and try my cheese as well as listen to Parklife… I think it’s really good that I’ve got something else to talk about. You have to do it, otherwise, you become this weird, grotesque caricature of yourself by the time you get old, like Mick Jagger.”

In the same interview, James also slammed other artists such as R&B star Kelis for refusing to perform her 2003 hit Milkshake at the Big Feastival, an event he hosts at his farm in England, in 2014. He says of his encounter with the singer,

“She’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t do that anymore!'” he recalled. “It’s like, ‘For f**k’s sake, it’s not like you’ve got loads of hits, darling! You need to do that one.'”

Surely his statements will anger millions of classic rock fans around the world. If he spit fire, he’d better be prepared to receive it too.