81-Year-Old Grandpa Walks Into Music Store, Plugs In Guitar – What Happens Next Leaves Staff Stunned

British Audio / YouTube

Mr. Bob Wood, Ladies and Gentlemen

Okay, so it’s pretty difficult to watch this video and not be wildly impressed by how fantastic this man is on guitar. At 81 years old, Mr. Bob Wood of Tennessee is one of our new favorite guitarists after he walked into his local music shop, British Audio Services and proceeded to play a fun rendition of ‘Besame Mucho’ on one of the store’s Gibson Epiphone guitars; there’s no doubt that he stunned the entire shop staff with his impromptu jam session!

Who Is Bob Wood?

When Tennessee guitar legend Bob Wood isn’t schooling amateur guitarists at his local music shop, he’s playing any six-stringed instrument he can get his hands on – including this one!

Some people know how to make a guitar sound good, but there’s something about the way Bob plays that makes this acoustic guitar sound absolutely fantastic. He’s got that old cowboy approach to guitar playing that makes everything sound warm and friendly, while never once letting you forget how talented he is.

The best part about watching Bob Wood play is the fact that he always has a great time; sure, he’s not much for showboating and theatrics, but he’s always got a content little smile on his face and if you look carefully, he even dances a little as his hands move along the fretboard.

He could be playing anything, yet still finds a way to put his heart and soul into it and like every great guitar player, leaves his unique mark on it.

Lucky for us, the guys at BAS managed to capture this incredibly special moment on camera, and even luckier still:

Thanks to his daughters, it was found out not long after that Bob isn’t just an amateur musician, but a local celebrity whose immense talent allowed him to enjoy a successful career in music.

Guys, this is one you definitely don’t want to miss – it’s not everyday a legend hangs out in the local guitar shop, showing you how it’s really done!