Bon Jovi’s Album Release “Delayed” Due To Covid19

via @Bon Jovi | Youtube

Bon Jovi rescheduled the release of the band’s anticipated new album in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jon Bon Jovi announced the delay during a conversation with Howard Stern. The frontman appeared on the radio show to promote Jersey 4 Jersey benefit event, where he will be joining Bruce Springsteen, Tony Bennett, Jon Stewart and many more to raise funds for coronavirus relief.

Bon Jovi admitted he “wrote a new song, because of this pandemic, that I’m gonna add to the record, now that that’s delayed.” The track, titled “Do What You Can” will make its debut during the charity performance. “I wrote a song about the situation that we’re in,” the singer explained, “so I’m gonna perform that in its entirety for the first time ever.”

A new release date for the LP has yet to be announced. In another interview, Bon Jovi noted that his 2020 touring plans will also have minor changes.

In a conversation with Maria Shriver, the singer explained how the occurring pandemic affected his life.

“It’s caused me to slow down,” Bon Jovi revealed. “We’re always on a treadmill. It seems like we’re always running to the next thing. In my case, I had a record coming out next month and a tour sold out and ready to go, and rehearsals booked and stages to build and on a dime it was gone. And it’s fine. It’s actually fine because it’s giving me time to reconnect.”

When he was asked about the tour, the rocker responded that the situation is still fluctuating.

“Right now, we’re still mulling over options, whether we’re going to postpone or cancel,” he explained, adding that, “although I’m confident that it’s at least postponed, a final decision has yet to be made.”

Bon Jovi’s anticipated 2020 album was supposed to be released on May 15. The tour alongside singer Bryan Adams has been rescheduled to begin in June.

Watch Jon Bon Jovi’s interview with Howard Stern in the video below: