Bono Just Said Maybe The Most Ironically Hilarious Thing Ever… We’re Laughing

John van Hasselt - Corbis / Getty Images


Whether you love them or hate them, you can’t deny the obvious success that U2 have had for the past several decades. For over 40 years, this band has grossed literally millions of dollars with their acclaimed albums and record-breaking tours. And it seems like they’re just getting started!

That being said, the band has always had a great deal of controversy follow them wherever they go. Whether it’s automatically getting a new U2 album with your iTunes purchase or even just one of the members saying something bold, U2 definitely know how to keep their name in the headlines, to say the least, and this time is no different!

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, front man Bono made a bold statement about the state of music today. Here is what he had to say.

I think music has gotten very girly. And there are some good things about that, but hip-hop is the only place for young male anger at the moment and that’s not good. When I was 16, I had a lot of anger in me. You need to find a place for it and for guitars, whether it is with a drum machine, I don’t care. The moment something becomes preserved, it is f***ing over. You might as well put it in formaldehyde.”

Here’s my question to you, do you think if Bono of all people is calling your music out for being too girly that it’s time for some self-examination? You be the judge…