Bride And Groom Guitar Solo Their Way To Their Wedding

There are many aspects to take into account when organizing a wedding: the restaurant where the banquet will be held, the banquet menu, the choice of church or the place where the civil wedding will take place, the organization of the guests, the decoration, the dress of the bride and the groom, the gifts for the guests, etc.

But there is one aspect that is often relegated to the background and no less important for that: the musical setting on the wedding day. And it is an essential part, which will give your wedding its own personality, which will differentiate it from any other, and which will fill it with magical moments impossible to forget.

In the video below, Groom Jordan Strauss and his bride Andrea delivered an electrifying entrance at their New Jersey wedding.

A video posted to YouTube, Jordan and one of his groomsmen begin to perform Jerry C’s “Canon Rock” as Andrea enters the ceremony. Then, she walks down the aisle with a guitar strapped around her playing along with them.

Keep going for the video below: