Can Elders Guess The Top 10 Songs From The 70’s?

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This Is So Fun!

The 70s was such a fun and colorful time not just in rock ‘n roll but music in general. Anyone who grew up listening to tracks from this era can attest to the fact that the airwaves were filled with unforgettable tunes that stayed in your head for days on end whether you like it or not.

And so in this episode of FBE, we get to see the elders react to the top 10 songs of the 70s. We don’t know about you but we already have our favorite – it’s Catherine. She’s definitely the one we can relate to the most. We just knew she’s our kindred spirit when she asked, “Where’s the rock ‘n roll?” Because honestly, that’s what we’d say too! We’re not exactly crazy about all of these songs but we do have some of our favorites.

Still, we’d undoubtedly prefer having some rock ‘n roll classics here.

via FBE/Facebook

“I’m not really in touch with the common person.”

And honestly, same. There are so many great tunes in that era and it’s pretty disappointing that those seriously great ones have been forgotten or at least, not appreciated well enough. Besides, if it were up to us, we’d put Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” way higher.

“”Let’s Get It On” is a classic Motown single, endlessly repeatable and always enjoyable. It begins with three great wah-wah notes that herald the arrival of a vintage Fifties melody… Above all, it has Marvin Gaye’s best singing at its center, fine background voices on the side, and a long, moody fade-out that challenges you not to play the cut again.” – Jon Landau

Check out the video below. We guarantee you’ll find it hilarious especially with the elders’ comments! We can totally relate to them being disappointed that classic rock wasn’t even properly represented.