Can You Guess 15 Beatles Songs Just From The Bassline?

In the history of music, there is probably not a band as famous, successful, and influential as The Beatles. The band’s short career speaks for itself and the passage of time has proved his followers right and not those who always wanted to minimize their contribution to music, using as an excuse that its members were only part of the band of the moment.

The truth is that Beatlemania is a phenomenon that continues to exist, thanks to which John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison have been immortalized in various media, especially the musical, but they also reached the cinema on more than one occasion.

Although their strongest side will always be music, they were not left behind when it came time to evolve, and thus the four from Liverpool made the leap to the big screen in several films.

In the same way, in which they evolved, their passage through the cinema was something new that at the same time reflected the spirit of its members.

Can You Guess 15 Beatles Songs Just From The Bassline?

Watch a YouTuber/Bass player covering 15 BEATLES songs in the video below. If you miss two or three songs just from the basslines, then you might probably need to get your ears checked.

Keep going for the video below: