Christmas Lights Display To The Tune Of Metallica’s “One” and “Creeping Death”

via Joe Plummer/YouTube

This Is Way Too Epic!

This is what happens when metalheads celebrate the holidays and get carried away by the decors. We’re not sure what our favorite part is – the headbanging snowman or the snowman vocalist. Either way, this will make every rock fan happy. If one of our neighbors did this, we’d watch it all night long.

Not only did this require patience and serious work, whoever made it also chose some pretty great tunes from Metallica – “One” and “Creeping Death.” They’re both classic tunes – epic masterpieces at that. But we didn’t expect them to fit the whole Christmas theme perfectly. How long did this take though?

“Specifically, this is the middle solo of the song. Much like ‘Enter Sandman’ it’s a solo that everybody can pretty much sing along to, and it definitely gives me a really good feeling every time I play it.” – Kirk Hammett on his favorite solo in “One”

via Joe Plummer/YouTube

When you think about it, “Creeping Death” is a bit fitting because it tells the story of Moses. The inspiration came from the movie “The Ten Commandments” and the plagues bestowed on the Egyptians. Kirk Hammett, however, came up with the riff when he was only 16 years old.

Throughout the song, you can point out some biblical references like the burning bush and painting the door with lamb’s blood.

“There’s a really raw, powerful energy to this one. It’s exciting to listen to, and it’s one that even to this day I absolutely love playing live. In my opinion it’s definitely one of the best solos a Metallica song has ever had.” – Kirk Hammett

This is just badass – we’re not sure how his neighbors feel though, if they are even entertained. Maybe the moment it starts playing, they’re like, “There he goes again with his loud music.” LOL.