Chuck Berry | The 5 Songs To Summarize The Album “Rockin’ At The Hopps”

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Chuck Berry’s fourth studio album released in July 1960, and to a rock n’ roll standard this album does not match Chuck’s previous works. But of course, there are still few classics to listen to in this album. 

The record is an excellent quality, if it is considered the basis to start according to Keith Richards, there is a reason why. It’s a whirlwind of rock ‘n roll relentlessly.


Bye Bye Johnny

This was a sequel to “Johnny B Goode,” and it definitely had its same classic-ness. This is, without a doubt, one of the must-listen tracks on the record.


Let It Rock

The label Chess Records released this song as a single, and by doing so, it reached number 64 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 in February 1960, and in the same year, the record label added it to his Rockin’ at the Hops.


Down The Road A Piece

A classic and important track on the album, but not written by Berry himself, but was written by Don Raye. The Stones also recorded the song, for their early albums, who often covered Berry songs during their early years.


Mad Lad

The song that influenced the Beach Boys. This song will really give you a good time, and a bit nostalgic in its manner.


Betty Jean

This could be the song that Springsteen’s paid tribute to for his Bobby Jean. Bruce Springsteen really admires and respects Chuck as any rocker will ever will.