Confusion Stirs Over Two B.B King Films In Production

We live in an age where films based on the lives of the most important and influential musicians in history are a real success. The perfect example is in Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, which in their own way told the most important facts about Freddie Mercury and Elton John respectively. That is why in Hollywood they are encouraging to produce more films of this style, and among them we have one about B.B. King.

Riley Ben King – as he was actually called – was one of the greatest musicians that ever lived, not for nothing did he earn the nickname ‘King of the Blues’. 

However, Confusion stirs over two B.B King films in production

In addition to being a singer with a deep and powerful tone, he rose to fame for his spectacular technique when hanging his famous Lucille guitar, developing different techniques such as vibrato, but above all his greatest legacy was to introduce a sophisticated style of guitar. alone full of feeling.

The estate of B.B. King said two films begun production about the late blues legend’s story and remarked that it’s not affiliated with the one advertised by actor Wendell Pierce.

Pierce lately caused confusion when he verified his role in The Thrill Is On by tweeting, “We are official. Preparation has begun on a film where I will be honored to play the great B.B. King.”

That started a theory that he was associated with the official biopic. He later tweeted: “The Estate of B.B. King has requested I clarify the film The Thrill Is On is not a biopic in the traditional sense.”

Estate chairman Vassal Benford told Variety he was convinced Pierce had “unintentionally misspoke” and verified that The Thrill Is On was not its project.

“We want to be crystal clear that the film announced by Pierce is not a biopic, as there are several major players involved in the new B.B. King biopic, and the estate does not want there to be any confusion as to the nature of each separate project,” Benford explained. “One is a docudrama, and the other is the official B.B. King biopic approved by corporate management of the B.B. King estate and trust as a part of B.B. King’s legacy initiative.”

No official details have been announced, although Benford stated Pierce, who co-starred in the acclaimed TV show The Wire, was “considered” for the role in that project, too.