Cool Rock N’ Roll Father’s Day Ideas

Only The Best For Your Old Guy

It’s not just for Father’s Day. You can give them these things all-year round – for their birthday, or the holidays or as your “Thanks for being cool” gift. Even if your dad is kind of picky or doesn’t want anything cheesy, we’ve got you covered. We rounded up these items that will make every rock ‘n roll heart happy and may even take him back to his hard rocking days.

And the big plus is, most of them won’t break the bank. We say MOST because we also threw in some luxurious goods just in case you want to step up your gift-giving game and go all-out for your old man.

10. Guitar Pick – $6.63

via Zazzle

Is it corny? Maybe, but hey, it’s not everyday you get to let him know how awesome he is.

9. Bluetooth Turntable – $129.99

via Amazon

This vintage style vinyl record player also has a built-in stereo speaker and it allows you to convert your audio from the vinyl record into an mp3 format!

8. Marshall Amplifier Fridge – $348.99

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This is on the expensive side but if your dad has a man-cave, this is definitely a must-have.

7. Rock Memoir – $9.78

via Rolling Stone

Aside from Bob Dylan’s autobiography, other great memoirs include Keith Richard’s “Life” and Patti Smith’s “Just Kids.” It’s hours of entertainment for your rocker dad!

6. Framed Vintage Poster – $3-49.95

via Amazon

Some cheaper ones go for less than five bucks!

5. Leather Jacket – $94.99

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Let your dad live his long forgotten rockstar dreams by giving him a leather jacket to somehow make him feel like an honorary member of The Ramones or whoever his favorite band is.

4. Slash Top Hat – $8.89

via Amazon

Whether he’s a huge GnR fan or not, this is still pretty cool.

3. Gibson Les Paul Guitar Shirt – $18.90

via Amazon

If the real deal Gibson Les Paul guitar is way beyond your budget, you can settle for this ultra cool tee.

2. Watch A Rock Documentary Together – $12.99

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You may even find these rockumentaries on Netflix. So grab a cold one and maybe a popcorn too, this will be one unforgettable movie night with your pops!

1. Go To A Concert

via Bleeding Cool

From Ozzy Osbourne to Steely Dan and Guns ‘n Roses, take your pick. This is the ultimate father’s day gift – reliving those days when he was young and had so much fun watching live performances!