Dave Grohl Shares Story Of Jam Session With Prince

via @FonzTech | Youtube

Dave Grohl shares a story about his jam session with Prince and his band on his newly-launched Instagram series titled, “Dave’s True Stories.”

Foo Fighters’ frontman Dave Grohl said he was stunned when he received the invitation to jam with Prince when they met during his 21-show residency at the LA Forum in 2011.

The Foo Fighters leader was stunned to receive an invitation to play with Prince when they met during his 21-show residency at the Los Angeles Forum in 2011.

“It was a proposition that I had wished for my entire adult life, but never in my wildest dreams had imagined possible,” Grohl explains. “Jam. With. Prince. Absolutely unfathomable. That’s like dancing with Fred Astaire! Baking with Betty Crocker! Bong hits with Bob Marley!”

Grohl outlines a week of nervously waiting for Prince to contact him for details before showing up at an empty Forum, and he thought they would just do a soundcheck, but instead, it turned out to be a full-jam session hours before the evening show.

“Wanna play some drums?” asked Prince; as Grohl works up a groove, “his whole band had converged onstage, taking their places. Prince watched, inspecting me with a grin” before grabbing a bass. “He was on me like glue. Like a fresh roll of Gorilla tape. Within a few bars, the entire band locked in, and the jam blossomed into a symphony of rock/funk/gospel/psychedelia. A moment dive … and not a soul in sight to witness it.”

Prince then started playing the opening riff of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love.”

“Let me tell you, folks….I don’t have arms full of Zeppelin tattoos for nothing,” writes Grohl. “This was the universe folding into itself right before my eyes!!! Prince was gleefully tearing open my rib cage and diving into my soul, y’all!”

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