David Coverdale Wants To Make Music With Jimmy Page

via @Whitesnake & Rock-and-Roll Fans | YouTube

David Coverdale assures that the reissue of his 1993 album, with Jimmy Page, entitled ‘Coverdale-Page’, could lead to a new collaboration album between the two of them.

David Coverdale explains that the expanded version of ‘Coverdale-Page’ will potentially land on its 30th anniversary in 2023 and hopes to convince Jimmy Page to create new music.

During his 2016 interview with Classic RockL: “I’d love to do an expanded, remixed CP album. I have so much material that a lot of people would love to see and hear. All the original demos, pre-production and a ton of home video from the very first day we sat down to write at my house all the way through till the Japanese tour. If it’s meant to be, it will happen.”

Both Page and Coverdale have always spoken wonders about each other and how much fun they had had in that musical adventure, which also had a more than acceptable response from both the public and the critics in a time when grunge reigned, although Robert Plant always saw Coverdale as a copy of himself. He had called that record ‘David Cover-“ Version.’

As Coverdale said, anything is possible so we will keep posted with the news concerning a possible revival of the Coverdale-Page project.