David Crosby Shares Thoughts About Beatles vs Stones And Edibles

via Rolling Stone / Youtube

The rivalry between The Beatles and The Rolling Stones continues to this day, although the bands have had little to do with creating it. Undoubtedly, both are among the great and legendary groups in history, but when it comes time to choose one, divisions appear.

David Crosby, renowned guitarist for The Byrds and Crosby, Stills and Nash & Young, answered the sharp question in a recent Q&A in which he also talked about his career, politics, drugs and his great colleagues.

For Crosby this was not an easy choice because it was contemporary with its births and developments. However, the guitarist did not hesitate and at the time of choosing he said the following: “The Beatles.”

“Mainly because of the range of stuff that they did,” he explains. “The Stones did have a fairly wide range that they did, but the Beatles had a much wider range of writing that they could do. And the Beatles could sing harmony. The Stones can’t do that for squat…It’s a matter of personal taste, of course. But for me, the Beatles, no question.”

Certainly, Crosby’s approach is that of many fans, artists and music scholars: The Beatles presented more complexity in their compositions and a great musical variety, of deep experimentation in the few years that they supported the band. As a matter almost of sympathy, Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger have come to give statements on the subject.

On the other hand, the topic quickly changed to drugs, particularly edibles. A  retired nurse that has a little experience with THC, asks Croz about dosage recommendations. Well, with no surprise, Crosby has an answer.

“Find one that you like. Either a commercial one that somebody makes or that you make yourself, and take a little bit,” said Crosby. “It’s called ‘titrating.’ You take just a little bit first and see how strong it is. If it’s not strong enough, you take a little more and wait. Once you establish what your dosage is, you take that dose whenever you want. You know what will happen.”

He adds, “I do edibles every night. I eat ginger snaps that my wife makes. They are wonderful and they get you high, which can’t be a bad thing.”