David Lee Roth Has Doubts About Eddie Van Halen Returning To Tour

via @The Real Music Observer | Youtube

David Lee Roth is unclear about the future of Van Halen.

For quite some time it has not been clear what happens inside the group’s circle, considering that their last concert is getting farther on the calendar (October 4, 2015, at the Hollywood Bowl). For the vocalist, the situation is increasingly uncertain.

Last year, he already acknowledged that the group was finished and that Eddie Van Halen was suffering from health problems – with quite strong rumors about cancer treatment.

Now, assume that re-viewing the ensemble on stage is very difficult.

“He is a bandmate. We had a fallen colleague, and it will be like that long enough not to know if he will be back on the road,” Roth told The New York Times.

Let’s remember that this year, Lee Roth offered his first solo show in 13 years and he wants to continue on that path, whether with Van Halen or alone.

“Do you want to hear the classics? You have to talk to me,” he said.