Def Leppard Launches Online Museum

via @DEF LEPPARD | YouTube

Legendary rock band Def Leppard released Def Leppard Vault, an online archive they call “the first digital rock’n’roll museum.”

The museum features never-before-seen photos, products, videos, audio commentary, interviews, and merchandise.

“After months of digging through our personal rock and roll closets (and warehouses, no less!), we present you our history!,” says singer Joe Elliott. “Our historic vault will continually be updated with installments you may have seen with some gems I promise you’ve never heard or seen! It’s a true backstage pass for any Def Leppard or rock and roll fan! Please… step inside and walk this way!”

Collections already added to the Vault include “On The Road,” which features photos, historical instruments, backstage passes, and tour itineraries, while “Jacket Required” features stage apparel from the band’s collection.

Items currently available for sale in the Vault merchandise section range from local crew t-shirt replicas at just $ 24.95 to RIAA certified multiplatinum sales awards for Vault and Hysteria at $ 285. “Hooded, wrap-around style with a fabric belt and two front pockets,” like the band’s post-show model on the Hysteria tour, which costs just $ 95 and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Earlier this week, Joe Elliott’s side project Down ‘N’ Outz marked the fifth anniversary of David Bowie’s death by releasing a video for his heartfelt tribute to Bowie, Goodnight Mr. Jones.

You can Sign up for Def Leppard Vault here.