Details Of Bob Kulick’s Death Made Public

via @bobkulickmusic | YouTube

Details circling the passing of guitarist Bob Kulick have been addressed publicly.

“Many of you have asked how my brother died,” begins a Facebook post from Bruce Kulick, the former guitarist for Kiss and Bob’s younger brother. “I didn’t have the information until a few days ago from the Las Vegas County Coroner. He passed away in his home, from natural causes due to heart disease.”

Bruce continued to unveil that he remained “unaware” that his brother had complained of chest pains, and that the COVID-19 pandemic “might have prevented” Bob from appropriate treatment. “For me this was a shock, as it was so sudden,” he noted. “I hope if you experience any pain or discomfort, please see your doctor. As much as this knowledge about his passing is closure for me and my family, he was too young to die.”

Read Bruce Kulick’s full statement below:

Bob passed away on May 28 at age 70. Traditional burial was shunned due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.