Dhani Harrison Meditates To Remember Deeper Memories With His Father

via thetaintster / Youtube

Like his father, the young British man, Dhani Harrison is a guitarist, composer and escapes media exposure and the noise of flashes and microphones.

Son of the late ex-Beatle George Harrison and Olivia Arias, Dhani Harrison Arias, was born on August 1, 1978, in the small town of Windsor, England. Olivia was George’s second marriage, after his divorce from model Pattie Boyd who would leave him for his friend Eric Clapton.

Dhani, whose name is the product of the sum of two notes of the Indian musical scale, “dha” and “ni”, graduated from Brown University in the United States in November 2002 to later study graphic design. However, his life changed course when his father died in 2001 because like the children of the ex-Beatles Paul and John, Dhani had a hard time proving himself in music while the strong image of his father remained.

A year after George’s death, a concert in honor of the Beatle was organized at the Royal Albert Hall in London, in which Dhani made his first public appearance on guitar with the song Handle With Care.

According to Dhani, the way he reconnects with his father was through meditation. Every time he sits in the garden, the garden that his father used to groom day and night, he feels he connects with him when he meditates.

“That is an interesting thing, actually,” Dhani told NPR. “There’s times when you feel like this person’s getting taken away from you. Maybe you see them on an Apple billboard or something and you think, ‘Oh. He belongs to everyone.’

“You know, you’ve just got to be quiet and go in the garden and meditate, and then you remember lots of other stuff that’s personal and deeper.”

“But, yeah, when we released the Martin Scorsese documentary, there was a lot of press around that, and a lot of clips that people had edited together in their own way to make a little George Harrison compilation. That kind of weighs on your heart a little bit, and makes you feel disconnected.

“You just feel like everyone else. And it’s a hard thing to understand unless you’ve had a parent who’s passed away and who’s been in the public eye. Sometimes you don’t want to share them.”