Elvis Presley Hair Sold For $72k In Auction

via The Retronaut / Youtube

The King of Rock is in the news this time for something that has little to do with his music.

An auction that took place in Los Angeles (United States) has sold part of the singer’s hair for $72,500. Kruse GWS Auction has stated in a statement that the DNA sample is housed in a fully documented “jar”. The company has auctioned a lock of hair that resembles the singer’s toupee, as it is the size of a baseball.

The entity has indicated that it was collected in one of the multiple haircuts made by Homer Gilleland, the barber who personally attended Elvis Presley for more than two decades. Gilleland kept this relic with him in a plastic bag and gave it to Thomas Morgan, who was a friend of both.

The “extensive documentation” that comes with the hair, which remains in a sealed jar, includes the airline tickets (from the occasions when Presley took Gilleland on a trip to have her hair done) and a signed certificate of authenticity. by John Reznikoff. This man is considered “the world’s most trusted authority in the field of hair collecting” In addition to this striking purchase, an individual has acquired for more than $100k the famous jumpsuit that the artist wore during his 1972 performance at the Madison Square Garden in New York, as published by CNN.