Eric Clapton and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Cocaine” Is The Mashup You Need To Know Exists!

via Bill McClintock/YouTube

Good Vibes!

The internet is full of weird and unexpected things but it makes us thankful whenever we stumble upon little gems like this – the mash-up we never thought we needed, the collaboration of our dreams.

So we all know Michael Jackson’s massive hit “Billie Jean” and Eric Clapton’s classic masterpiece “Cocaine” – well someone had enough creativity, imagination and time on his hands to mash up these two epic tunes. We don’t know what kind of sorcery this is but we’re totally here for this stellar creation. And stuff like this are way better than today’s music – whoever made this breathed new life into these songs.

“There never was a real Billie Jean. The girl in the song is a composite of people my brothers have been plagued with over the years. I could never understand how these girls could say they were carrying someone’s child when it wasn’t true.” – Michael Jackson

We don’t exactly know why but there’s something about this version that gives it a bit of an edge – the whole vibe is just beyond awesome. More often than not, a mashup is a hit or miss – there’s no in-between. And in this case, it’s absolutely brilliant!

“It’s no good to write a deliberate anti-drug song and hope that it will catch. Because the general thing is that people will be upset by that. It would disturb them to have someone else shoving something down their throat. So the best thing to do is offer something that seems ambiguous—that on study or on reflection actually can be seen to be “anti”—which the song “Cocaine” is actually an anti-cocaine song. If you study it or look at it with a little bit of thought … from a distance … or as it goes by … it just sounds like a song about cocaine. But actually, it is quite cleverly anti-cocaine.” – Eric Clapton

It may seem easy but mixing these two classic tunes is not for everyone – it takes serious skill and a whole lot of patience to come up with something like this. So, mad props to you sir for making this insanely good mashup!