Family Syncs Christmas Lights To AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck” – Santa’s Gonna Love This!

Ross Gilmore / Redferns via Getty Images / Getty Images, Chris Callahan / YouTube

Now That’s What I Call Christmas!

We’ve always loved cruising through our neighborhoods before Christmas and looking at all of the cool and creative Christmas light displays our friends and neighbors cook up each year, but we won’t lie: we’re more than a little jealous of one family who took Christmas decorations to the next level!

The owners of one house crafted one seriously rockin’ light show when they synchronized their Christmas light display to AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck,” bringing a little hard rock flavor to the Christmas season and joy to folks like us who love it when time honored traditions go hand in hand with one of the greatest musical acts of the 20th century.

Sure, all of the lights might be a little chaotic for some people and I can’t imagine living next door to the owners of this awesome home during the month of December – but the fact that they threw the traditional Christmas songs out of the window in favor of something unique and seriously rockin’ to celebrate the holiday season officially ensures that they’ll have the coolest house on the block for years to come!