Famous Rockstar Mugshots

You Cannot Un-see This

Rockstars bending or breaking the law isn’t exactly new. We all know they live life in the fast lane and it goes without saying that excesses are often part of the package – drugs, booze and sex. Some of them get away with it while others aren’t so lucky. But to be fair, some of these arrests were actually not big of a deal – e.g. Prince was arrested for stealing a megaphone.

So here we compiled your favorite rockstars’ mugshots and well, the ones like David Bowie’s deserve to be framed.


Axl Rose

via Tony Rubino

David Bowie

via Daniel Hagerman

Janis Joplin

via The Smoking Gun

Willie Nelson

via Hudspeth Country Sheriff’s Department/WireImage

Jim Morrison

via Wikimedia Commons

Phil Spector

via CDCR/Getty Images

Jimi Hendrix

via The Smoking Gun

Johnny Cash

Kurt Cobain

Richie Sambora

via Laguna Beach Police Department

Mick Jagger

David Crosby

Ozzy Osbourne

via Rolling Stone

Scott Stapp

Steven Tyler

Sid Vicious


Scott Weiland

Vince Neil

Tommy Lee


Nikki Sixx


Marilyn Manson