Fans’ Jaws Will Drop Upon Hearing These Guys Beatles Medley Harmony

via REO Brothers / Youtube

We bring you the Filipino group REO Brothers, formed by four very talented brothers, who some Beatles fans became aware of through recommendation of friends and colleagues.

The band, originally from the city of Tacloban, Philippines, started doing covers in 2009, having as main characteristic to perform musical hits by famous bands (The Beatles, Bee Gees etc.) from the 1950s – 1970s.

You’re going to be fascinated by the quality of the songs they chose (recording of international hits that marked the time), for the way they interpret, very close to the original recordings that we applaud so much, for the vocal harmony and instrumental complementarity and, above all, , for the pleasant atmosphere that we are given in each work, whose production seems to take place in a home-like studio, reminiscent of a garage space!

After just seven years in the professional music scene, the REO Brothers have carved out a niche for their group. They have performed in the UK five times and have their own version of the Abbey Road crossing, following in the footsteps of their idols, the Beatles.

The brothers did not receive the musical inclination of any of the family, as none of the members is a professional musician. Admittedly, they just listened to the songs carefully before covering them.

You want proof? Watch the video below, you’ll definitely have your jaws drop to these beautiful Beatles Medley.